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1. Massage Socks

Socks Creative Design

Some neat socks that have points used in reflexology printed on them, so you can get a nice long foot massage

2. Anatomy Socks

Socks Creative Design

With the amusing design of Bones Socks you can go skinless and learn the real names for your big toe, shin bone and more. Bones socks are knee length.

Here are some spiffy socks by Anton Repponen. “Socks Anatomy”

3. Colorful Rainbow Socks

Colorful Socks

4. Tattoo Socks

Tattoo Socks

Tattoo Socks

The socks are available in 4 different body colour shades (ultra pale, light mocha, deep mocha, cafe latte) and white. The design is printed in black on one sock; you get one printed sock and a blank sock to create an asymmetrical look.

5. NIKE SB Pigeon Socks

Nike SB Pigeon Socks

6. Zip It Passport Socks

Passport Safe Socks

7. Fresh Meat Socks

Meat Socks

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